New CMS, Center for Medicare and Medicaid changes, in 2020

New CMS, Center for Medicare and Medicaid changes, in 2020

Whats New in 2020

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, (CMS), have made changes for their payment system for 2020.
These changes will effect Physicians and healthcare facilities payments for 2020.
In November of 2019, final rules were issued to update (MPFS) Medicare Physician fee schedules and (QPP) quality payment programs for 2020. CMS have updated policies to shift/change (MIPS) payment merit based incentive payment system and update E/M, evaluation and management visit code definition.  CMS fee schedule changes. PFS conversion factor will increase by 5%, from $36.04 in 2019 to $36.09 in 2020.
E/M, evaluation and management system
CMS contemplated with just 2 blended rates for routine visits. Due to providers push-back on this possible change, CMS decided to keep the 5 tier system for established patients and a four tier system for new patients. These changed will take effect, January 1, 2021.CPT codes will require documentation on patient history and medical exams when necessary.
Beginning in 2121, CMS have included an extended visit code that allows providers to be paid higher payment rates for spending more time with level 2 through level 4 coded patients.
CMS changes related to the opioid crisis
Effective January 1, 2020, opioid treatment programs, accredited . by the substance abuse and mental health services administration will qualify for (MAT), medication-assisted treatment. Medicare part B are now available for opioid treatment program services. Bundle payments for overall  treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD), which includes care coordination, management, psychotherapy, counseling activities and toxicology testing.


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