What an Experienced Coder can do for your business.

What an Experienced Coder can do for your business.


It is not enough to list the symptoms, diagnosis, procedures, medication given and prescribed and follow up. when it comes to medical billing and coding, a set of codes are required for the Physician or doctor to get paid. The matter of medical coding is a complicated one and require skills, to assure proper billing and payment. Not coding a visit properly may result in denial of payment or decreased payment.

There are different set of codes used for hospitals, Doctors offices, and equipment, some medication and prosthetics.

The first set of code comes from, ICD, International Classification of diseases. ICD Now the tenth version, ICD-10, are a set of codes assigned to classify certain diseases, injuries and diagnosis. The tenth revision, became effective, in the United States in 2015. These sets of codes took effect by the world Health Organization, in 1940s. There has been many revisions. The last revision took effect in the United States in 2015. ICD-10.
These sets of codes include a total of seven (7) characters. The expansion in the ICD-10 codes leave room for expansion. The prior version included 14,000 codes the tenth,(10) version includes. 68,000 codes. some rare diseases, such as Ebola, was not included in the 9th edition.

CPT, Current Procedure Terminology. These codes are used to identify Illnesses and treatment that takes place in a doctors office. CMS developed these codes. However, the AMA, American Medical Association, maintain and update them annually. CPT codes consist of five (5) digits and include three categories. The first deals with different ranges of medical treatment, which include, evaluation, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, pathology and laboratory and Medicine. The second, consider performance measurement and the third consist of, Medical technology.

HCPCS, Health Common Procedure Coding System. HCPCS, consist of codes that are not included in CPT. The use of ambulance, prosthetics, Medicare and Medicaid, to name a few.

Medical facilities will need a knowledgeable, Certified Coder or coding company who understand how to apply the correct codes and extensive knowledge of restriction, exception and primary diagnosis. A Coder’s job is to take the written treatment plan, diagnosis and patient complaint and translate it in codes. These code must be accurate and maintain compliance with HIPAA. We pride ourselves on hiring and developing the best. which includes, continuing education, and maintaining knowledge of changing compliance policies. It takes a strong team and the right technology to do this accurately.

For a Medical facility to thrive, while providing outstanding patient care, one need a reliable, competent and experienced coding company. One that can process claims quickly but more important, accurately. We pride ourselves on doing just that for our partners. www.Lightspeedrcm.com work with over 850+ Certified Coders and process claims in 24 hours. Healthcare facilities must change the way they are use to doing business. As we move toward as technology based, telehealth system facilities will need a trusted billing and coding partner that can deliver and streamline the A and R. Accounts Receivable. When Good enough is not enough, the solution is www.Lightspeedrcm.com.





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