Why are Electronic Health Records important? iDocsNow

Why are Electronic Health Records important? iDocsNow
Think of how much time you can save with an electronically stored health record system. Healthcare providers spent hours searching for paper files.
Electronic Health Records add value and offer many advantages to health care facilities.
EHR’s, allow for easy access to patient records, minimize or eliminate the need for physical paper storage of health records for years. Additional benefits that a good EHR, electronic health record system offer, is also the advantages to the environment. As healthcare professionals, it is important that we contribute to the sustainability of our environment, going paperless does just that.
Lightspeed RCM, offers iDocsNow. Our system, iDocsNow, allow healthcare facilities, to convert paper files into electronically accessible documents.
Providers can Increase productivity by eliminating the time and staff hours spent, looking for paper medical records, increases support for Medical/Clinical support and data.
Lightspeedrcm.com offers iDocsNow, which is an electronically stored health record system, it allows patients and healthcare facilities easier access to medical records. A good EHR, such as iDocNow, allow patients immediate access to their medical record and healthcare facilities the ability to quickly provide health records to other providers to increase efficiency, in preventative care. It saves time and increase productivity and eliminate waste. More important, increases preventative care because providers have immediate access to medical records, medical records can be shared, with other providers for quicker collaborative treatment.
A good medical billing partner, should verify and assure there are no HIPAA violations, by reviewing changes in HIPAA regulations and update their system on a regular basis.
In an attempt to set standards in security and confidentiality, HIPAA initiated the health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, in 1996. Electronic document storage allows healthcare professionals the opportunity to analyze and gather data, which can affect treatment. As healthcare professionals we need to focus on protecting the environment, go green effect.